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A revitalization concept for the area of Elysian Park, better known as ‘Frogtown’ target’s three (1) acre sites along the west bank of the L.A. River, where a ‘Garden Complex’ will be designed.

A conceptual floor area of several thousand sqft programmed for nine housing units, a botanical garden and research laboratory, the new complex aims to stimulate a neglected community of Los Angeles through a careful blend of education, affordable housing and ‘green Initiative’.

Formally, the project was thought of as a faceted ‘mobius strip’, where various program components are ‘twisted’ onto themselves and joined by a seamless circulation corridor adjoining all spaces including those green and communal.

Pre-determined locations within existing fabric allow for a ‘natural porosity’ of community engagement into the complex for weekly farmers markets, lab tours and simple solitude moments garden side.

Frogtown Botanical Garden is a healing enterprise, where a once hardened neighborhood comes together to live/thrive/study and connect – The Frogs will sing yet again.

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