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The Manhattan Beach Timber Pavilion is a community based initiative aimed at familiarization and awareness of the 2020 statewide energy mandates with sustainable design craft at its core.

Materializing as a temporary concert venue for the city’s annual summer concert series, the pavilion; a site specific, formally optimized Mass Timber Super-Structure fit with louvered panels and a photovoltaic array, provides shade for musicians by day while converting solar radiation to electric energy by night – powering features lights and acoustical equipment.

Several Informational Kiosks located in proximity to the structure will provide real-time monitoring data on the project – the designs of which to be interactive and education to spur on the next generation of sustainable thinkers.

The Timber Pavilion is a synthesis of action – it’s an event space, cultural artifact, technical prototype, social media and hype generator and above all an art form crafted exclusively for the City of Manhattan Beach.

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